The Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference


Apr. 4-6, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Industry and the manufacture of chemicals plays an important part in creating a more sustainable future. However it was and still often is a major polluter of the environment. 
Reduction in waste, energy and resources and the manufacture of products with more sustainable properties contributes to more sustainable growth of the chemical industry and also to a more sustainable economy and a healthier environment.

The inaugural Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference, organised by Elsevier in cooperation with Leuphana University, will take place 4-6 April 2016 in Berlin, Germany and will bring delegates up-to-date with latest thinking and practice in this area.

A unique aspect of this major conference is its broad scope, including developing countries. The meeting will bring together international researchers, from academia, authorities and industry, to communicate and share the latest developments across these diverse fields, including:

  • Mineral resources and recycling
  • Non-fossil sources for old and new organic molecules
  • Synthesis and solvents
  • Catalysis and engineering
  • Green and sustainable products
  • Sustainable substance and material flows
  • Renewable energies
  • New business models
  • Ethics, legislation and economics

Keynote and invited speakers will give inspiring lectures on the above topics. These will be supplemented by contributed oral and poster presentations for which abstracts are invited by 2 October 2015.

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