the 16th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC16, the 2nd Circular)


July 3 - 8, 2016 in Beijing, China

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to attend the 16th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 16) that will be held on July 3 - 8, 2016 in Beijing, China. The ICC 16, with the theme of Catalysis for the Sustainable Development of the World, will feature the crucial roles of catalysis science and technology in improving the efficiencies of energy production and utilization of fossil resources, developing renewable energy, and abating/eliminating pollutants emission to the environment. The congress will serve as a platform to exchange new ideas and discuss the advances in all areas of catalysis. 

Main Topics

Catalytic Mechanisms

Catalytic Materials

Catalysis and Energy

Environmental Catalysis

Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis


Plenary Speakers

Bruce C. Gates (University of California, Davis, USA)

Charles T. Campbell (University of Washington, USA)

Krijn P. de Jong (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Matthias Beller (Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at the University of Rostock, Germany)

Thomas F. Degnan, Jr (ExxonMobil Chemical Company / University of Notre Dame, USA)

Keynote Speakers

Akihiko Kudo (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

Boqing Xu (Tsinghua University, China)

Dmitry Yu. Murzin (Abo Akademi University, Finland)

Fabrizio Cavani (ALMA MATER STUDIORUM Università di Bologna, Italy)

Hélène OLIVIER-BOURBIGOU (IFP Energies nouvelles, France)

Johannes A. Lercher (Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany)

Juan Ramón González-Velasco (University of the Basque Country, Spain)

Kuiling Ding (Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS, China)

Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos (Tufts University, USA)

Michikazu Hara (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

S. Ted Oyama (The University of Tokyo, Japan / Virginia Tech, USA)

Tao Zhang (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China)

Thomas Maschmeyer (The University of Sydney, Australia)

Tobin Jay Marks (Northwestern University, USA)

Valentine P. Ananikov (N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia)

Wha-Seung Ahn (Inha University, Korea)

Ye Wang (Xiamen University, China)

Zhongmin Liu (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China)

More information about ICC 16 could be found at the website:

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