Research Center for Optical, Electrical, and Magnetic materials


The investigation on optical,electrical, and magnetic materials is an important research field of materialscience. Among them, inorganic-organic hybrid aggregates is an importantcontent of research. In this regard, the crystal engineering, related to thebehavior of molecules or chemical groups in crystalline materials as well asthe design and control on crystal structures and properties, is an importantway to constructing molecular functional materials. The researchers in thiscentre have explored many important aspects in this hot field. Their uniqueadvantages and features are: based on the design, selection and controllableself-assembly of building units, and directed by optical, electrical andmagnetic functions, they have successfully fabricated many series of functionalmolecular aggregate materials with ordered structures, and importantly haveexplored the relationship between structure and property, contributing to aseries of innovations. In recent years, the centre undertakes National"973" project, "863" project, National Natural Science Foundation,Tianjin Natural Science Foundation and other research projects (> 20).

The main researchdirections of this centre are listed as follows: 1) the ligand-directed constructions and properties of inorganic-organichybrid magnetic materials, metal-organic framework porous materials, and multifunctionalcoordination polymer materials; 2) novel optical, electrical and magnetic materialsof high nuclear clusters; 3) the constructions and properties of molecularaggregates of finite nuclear clusters; 4) the investigation on new methods forthe synthesis of inorganic functional materials, as well as the exploration onthe underlying relationship between structures and properties of thesematerials, and so on.

Since 2012, theresearchers in this centre have published more than 100 papers, which have beencited in SCI, including many famous academic journals, such as Nat. Commun., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv.Mater., Chem. Mater., Chem. Commun., J. Mater. Chem. ,and soon. In addition, they also won 10 national invention patents. Remarkably, partof these achievements obtained National Natural Science Award (Second prize, 2014).

Members:Xian-He Bu, Tong-Liang Hu, Ying-Hui Zhang, Ze Chang, and Jian Xu.

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